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Vera Wilson Smyth
1 April 1916 in Banbridge, Co. Down, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s2122 ]
18d 8mo 2006 in Killyman, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
21d 8mo 2006 in Friends Burial Ground, Grange, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Born 12 November 1876 - Died 24 August 1953
Born 6 January 1881 - Died 15 February 1966
 Spouse 1
Born 3d 8mo 1914 - Died 26d 6mo 1943
 Child 1
Details Withheld
 Child 2
Details Withheld
 Spouse 2
 Child 1
 Child 2
 Child 3
 Child 4
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NOTE: Information has been withheld on living persons and those born after 1920 for whom no death record is available.
Ireland, Civil Registration Birth Indexes
Name: Vera Wilson Smyth
Registration District: Banbridge
Registration Quarter and Year: Apr - Jun 1916
Volume Number: 1
Page Number: 122
[RFSS Nov 2011]

Death info supplied by David and Vera Sinton.
[RFSS Aug 2006]

Vera Wilson was born on 1st April 1916 at Huntly House, where she lived until 1922, after which the family moved to Belfast. Whilst her sister Moira took up their father's favourite game, golf, Vera enjoyed Wilson's other favourite sport, hunting. Vera often travelled down to Banbridge with her father and whilst he was working, she would go horse riding. She was fond of Brookfield and referred to it as "her domain." When World War Two broke out and the Germans bombed Belfast the family moved back to Brookfield House.

Vera, along with her sister Moira, attended school in Folkestone. Vera recalls that the only thing it taught her was how to travel by train from London to Folkestone! She also recalls that one year her father was to pay them a visit at their school and take them out. He was over on a golfing trip, playing the courses around the Cinque Ports. When the day duly arrived it was Vera's duty to clear away the dishes after lunch. She picked up a soup bowl, which still contained hot soup and put her thumb into the bowl causing her to say: "Damn!" For this Vera was not allowed to see her father on the one and only occasion he ever visited them at school! Incidentally, Vera stated that her mother never travelled anywhere as she had a dislike of travelling.

Vera married twice; firstly to Arthur Buckby Sinton of Banford House where she lived for nine years. Arthur, a son of the wealthy Sinton linen family, served as a Pilot Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 515 Squadron, personnel number 119279 and was killed in action on 26th June 1943, aged 27 years. Shot down off the coast of Holland, his body was never recovered. He is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial in Surrey (panel 129), Armagh Cathedral, St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast and Gilford War Memorial. On the day of his death his father Frederick Buckby Sinton also died at Banford House and it was never known who died first.

Vera and Arthur had two children - David, who became a Professor of Landscape Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, USA and Vera May, who won an Exhibition to study Mathematics at Oxford University and was one of the first women to be ordained a priest in the Church of England.

Vera married as her second husband. Allen Stephenson, who was a Veterinary Surgeon with a practice in Dungannon. They had four children - Katherine, Lois, Joy and Sally. Lois has two children, Brice and Peter, and Sally has two children, Niall and Hannah.

Information extracted from 'Smyths Of The Bann' by Paul McCandless.
[RFSS Dec 2006]
[ s2122 ] Birth Registration - Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes - Birth of Vera Wilson Smyth to David and Ethel Smyth registered 2nd Quarter 1916 in Banbridge Registration District, Co. Down, Ireland, United Kingdom - Volume Number: 1, Page Number: 122 - BR1916-01-04-VWS
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