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John Ronaldson
26 April 1847 in Ireland, United Kingdom
Born About 1813 - Died 25 October 1890
Born 9d 2mo 1821 - Died 17d 6mo 1882
Ancestral View
Went to USA, never heard of again - presumed single.

Possible information

Illinois, Northern District Naturalization Index, 1840-1950
Name: John Ronaldson
Event Type: Naturalization
Event Place: Illinois
Event Date: 25 September 1896
Birthplace: Great Britain And Ireland
Affiliate Publication Title: Soundex Index to Naturalization Petitions for U.S. District & Circuit Courts, Northern District of Illinois and Immigration and Naturalization Service District 9, 1840-1950
Affiliate Publication Number: M1285
Affiliate Film Number: 149
GS Film number: 1432149
Digital Folder Number: 004641218
Image Number: 00951
[RFSS May 2013]

Naturalisation document for John RonaldsonNaturalisation document for John Ronaldson
[RFSS May 2013]
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