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Catherine Powes Webster (Kate)
27 April 1821 in England, United Kingdom
2 May 1901 in Louisville City, Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States of America
4 May 1901 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America [ s2357 ]
Born 27d 6mo 1797 - Died 19 June 1881
3 January 1851 in Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States of America [ s1320 ]
 Child 1
Born 8 December 1851 - Died 1937
 Child 2
Born 28 December 1855 - Died 1856
 Child 3
Born 7 August 1855 - Died 1919
 Child 4
Born Oct 1856 - Died 1857
 Child 5
Born 19 July 1858 - Died 1937
 Child 6
Born About 1859 - Died 1869
 Child 7
Born 1859 - Died Apr 1860
 Child 8
Born 18 April 1865 - Died 1943
Ancestral View
She was Mrs. Webster when they married. Kate B. Sinton in 1905 wrote: "My father William Sinton was married to Catherine S. Webster (nee Powes) on the second day of January 1851 and on the following December 8th, 1851 I was born, I have three sisters living and one dead, and also three brothers who are also dead. The names of the eight children and the order in which they were born, is as follows - Kate Bell; Charles Augustus, Amelia C., Robert H., Mary S., Alice, Eugene, Elma G. My father died on the 19th day of June 1881, being just eight days less than eighty-four years old. My mother died on the second day of May, 1901, being at the time eighty years and six days old. None of the above children have ever married, one sister, Alice, and three brothers having died in infancy. My self and ... sisters now being what the world calls "Old Maids". Brother Thomas, who is the last surviving member of my father's first family ... my father's first wife was Anna Jackson to whom he was married before coming to America, and of that marriage ... Thomas R., Susan, Wm, Anna, and John. Brother Thomas family consists of three sons, only one of whom is now alive - Harry whose ... children, a daughter Grace B. is the result of his first marriage with Emma Johnson, a son, Preston Scott, being the only child of his second marriage with Anna Lockhart.. Mrs. Harry Sinton and son, Preston Scott, are also residents of this city. Grace B, Harry's daughter, resides with us, who are her great-step-aunts." ...I have neglected to say that my mother was born in England, but had lived in this country for many years prior to her marriage to my father.

1900 Census record taken on Friday, 1 June.
Residence - 1028 Morton Avenue, Louisville City, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA
to head
or Race
1Catherine Sinton HeadWhiteFApr 182179M-135England
2Kate SintonDaughterWhiteFDec 185247S---Kentucky
3Mary SintonDaughterWhiteFDec 185445S---Kentucky
4Amelia SintonDaughterWhiteFJul 186039S---Kentucky
5Elma SintonDaughterWhiteFApr 186535S---Kentucky
6Grace SintonGreatGrandDaughterWhiteFJun 188415S---Kentucky
Year of
in US
Can Speak
3EnglandEngland---Private TeacherYYY 
6KentuckyKentucky---At SchoolYYY 
Enumeration District: 0013, Sheet Number and Letter: 1B, Household ID: 13, Reference Number: 53, GSU Film Number: 1240529, Image Number: 00055
The are major differences between the information provided by Kate and the census and marriage records.
I suspect that the order for the children, as given by Kate above, is incorrect as the 1870 census says Amelia was born in 1858.
[RFSS Feb 2011]

United States Census, 1 June 1870
Name: Catherine Sinton
Estimated Birth Year: 1821
Gender: Female
Age in 1870: 49y
Color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, Indian): White
Birthplace: England
Home in 1870: Kentucky, United States
[RFSS Feb 2011]

Kentucky Deaths and Burials, 1843-1970
Name: Catherine S. Sinton
Gender: Unknown
Burial Date: 04 May 1901
Burial Place: Louisville, Kentucky
Death Date:
Death Place: Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B00793-0
System Origin: Kentucky-EASy
Source Film Number: 2022071
Reference Number: p 36 ln 92189
[RFSS Feb 2012]
Kentucky Marriages 1785-1979
Groom's Name: William Sinton
Bride's Name: Catherine S. Webster
Marriage Date: 3 Jan 1851
Marriage Place: Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M53002-1
System Origin: Kentucky-ODM
Source Film Number: 378677
Reference Number: ?
[RFSS Feb 2011]
[ s2357 ] Burial Record - Kentucky Deaths and Burials, 1843-1970 - Burial of Catherine S. Sinton on 4 May 1901 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America - Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B00793-0, System Origin: Kentucky-EASy, Source Film Number: 2022071, Reference Number: p 36 ln 92189 - BUR1901-04-05-CSS
[ s1320 ] Marriage Registration - Kentucky Marriages, 1785-1979, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M53002-1, System Origin: Kentucky-ODM, Source Film Number: 378677 - Marriage of William Sinton and Catherine S. Webster on 3 January 1851 in Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States of America. - MR1851-03-01-WS-CSW
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