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Dr. George Alexander Pringle M.D.
2 March 1874 in Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s2844 ]
Born 1834 - Died 28 November 1903
Born About 1848 - Died After 1921
Born About August 1890 -
About November 1912 in Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s3046 ]
Ancestral View
Ireland, Births and Baptisms
Name: George Alexander Pringle
Gender: Male
Christening Place: NEWRY NO1, ARM, IRE
Birth Date: 2 Mar 1874
Birthplace: Newry No1, Arm, Ire
Father's Name: Alexander Pringle
Mother's Name: Isabella Best
Registration District: Newry
Volume Number: 6
Page Number: 873
[RFSS Apr 3013]

1901 Census record taken on Sunday, 31 March.
Residents of a house 64 in Moore Street (Aughancloy Urban Aughancloy Town in 17 files, Co. Tyrone)
 SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1AbrahamJoseph75MaleHead of FamilyMethodist
 BirthplaceOccupationLiteracyMarital StatusSpecified Illnesses
1Co. TyroneFarmer and Justice of PeaceRead and writeWidower-
2Co. TyroneFarmer's SonRead and writeNot Married-
3Co. TyroneHouse KeeperRead and writeWidow-
4Co. DownPhysician and Surgeon M. B. B chRead and writeNot Married-
5Co. TyroneGeneral Servant Read and writeNot Married-
[RFSS Oct 2013]

1911 Census record taken on Sunday, 2 April.
Residents of a house 88 in Main Street (Aughnacloy Urban, Co. Tyrone)
SexRelation to headReligion
1PringleGeorge A.
MaleHead of FamilyPresbyterian
FemaleHouse KeeperRoman Catholic
 BirthplaceOccupationLiteracyMarital StatusYears MarriedChildren BornChildren Living
1Co. ArmaghMedical Practisioner (M D Dub University)Read and writeSingle---
2Co. DownHouse Keeper Servant DomesticCannot readSingle---
[RFSS Oct 2013]
Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes
Event Type: MARIAGE
Name: George Alexander Pringle
Spouse's Name: Amy Josephine Stack
Event Date: Oct - Dec 1912
Event Place: Dublin South, Ireland
Registration District: Dublin South
Registration Quarter and Year: Oct - Dec 1912
Volume Number: 2
Page Number: 540
[RFSS Oct 2013]
[ s2844 ] Birth Registration - Ireland, Births and Baptisms - Birth of George Alexander Pringle to Alexander and Isabella Pringle on 2 March 1874 in Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom - Registration District: Newry, Volume Number: 6, Page Number: 873 - BR1874-02-03-GAP
[ s3046 ] Marriage Registration - Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes - Marriage of George Alexander Pringle and Amy Josephine Stack registered 4th Quarter 1912 in Dublin South Registration District, Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - Volume Number: 2, Page Number: 540 - MR1912-xx-xx-GAP-AJS
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