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Lucinda Larkin
1854 in Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom
Died Before April 1911
 Child 1
Born About 1886 - Died 4 April 1950
 Child 2
Born 6 April 1890 - Died 18 December 1957
Ancestral View
1911 Census record taken on 2 April.

Residents of house number 21.1 in Quality Hill (Mullahead (Rural), Co. Armagh)

┬ SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1DavisonLucinda57FemaleHead of FamilyChurch of Ireland
2LarkinSarah76FemaleStep MotherChurch of Ireland
3Larkin Elizabeth Jane46FemaleStep SisterChurch of Ireland
4LarkinLucinda8FemaleGrand DaughterChurch of Ireland
5LarkinMartha7FemaleGrand DaughterChurch of Ireland
6LarkinCharles4MaleGrand SonChurch of Ireland
7LarkinJennie2FemaleGrand DaughterChurch of Ireland
8ClarkeMaggie19FemaleNieceChurch of Ireland
9LarkinMaggie10FemaleGrand DaughterChurch of Ireland

┬ BirthplaceOccupationLiteracyMarital StatusYears MarriedChildren BornChildren Living
1Co. ArmaghLinen WeaverCannot ReadWidow---
2Co. Armagh-Cannot ReadSingle---
3Co. ArmaghLinen WeaverCannot ReadSingle---
6Scotland-Cannot ReadSingle---
7ScotlandLinen WeaverCannot ReadSingle---
8EnglandLinen WeaverRead and writeSingle---
9ScotlandScholarRead and writeSingle---

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