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Charles Denison Lowndes
About 1844 in Henrico County, Virginia, United States of America
Before 1900 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
Born 14 May 1809 - Died 9 October 1849
Born 27d 3mo 1810 - Died 23 December 1893
Born Oct 1851 -
 Child 1
Born Mar 1873 -
 Child 2
Born Oct 1877 -
 Child 3
Born Oct 1879 -
 Child 4
Born Nov 1881 -
 Child 5
Born Sep 1884 -
 Child 6
Born Jan 1888 -
Ancestral View
In 1905, he had several children and was living in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

To view the 1850 US Census record for Charles see 1850 Census
[RFSS Jun 2011]

His wife Nancy is recorded as a widow in the 1900 Census.
[RFSS Jun 2011]

United States, Civil War Soldiers Index
Name: Charles Lowndes
Name Note:
Also Known As: Charles D. Lownes
Also Known As Note:
Event: Military Service
Rank In: Private
Rank In Note:
Rank Out: Private
Rank Out Note:
Side: Confederate
Side Note:
State (or Origin): Virginia
Military Unit: 4th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry
Military Unit Note:
Company: E
Company Note:
General Note: Original filed under Charles D./Lownes
NARA Publication Title: Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From the State of Virginia.
NARA Publication Number: M382
NARA Roll Number: 34
Film Number: 0881428
[RFSS Jul 2011]
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