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Below is a list of all the townlands which appear in the Townland Maps series.
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The townland is an ancient unit, dating back to pre-Norman times, and is the smallest administrative division throughout the island of Ireland that is still in use. It is the common term or English translation for a variety of small local land units that varied in name and meaning throughout the island of Ireland. In the north there had been a large division called a 'ballybetagh,' generally divided into around 12 'ballyboes', but into around 16 'tates' in the area of Fermanagh and Monaghan. The 'ballyboe' was notionally of 120 acres and the 'tate', 60 acres, but these measurements clearly referred to useable land in an area that might also include marsh and mountain waste. The 'ballyboe' might be further divided into three 'sessiaghs' while the term 'carrow' (Irish 'ceathramh', a 'quarter') may refer to either a quarter of a 'ballybetagh' or a quarter of a 'ballyboe'. The 'ballybetagh' disappeared after the Plantation and the subdivisions became the modern townlands, the average size of which, in most of Northern Ireland, is now c.350 acres but c.180 acres in Fermanagh. The spelling of townland names is subject to considerable variation due largely to the difficulties of representing the pronunciation of Irish language names in English spelling. [Source: Public Records Office Northern Ireland]

Townland Index
Aghanergill Castleraw Drumnagoon Magherydigherty
Aghavellan Cavan Drumnahare Mahon
Aghnacloe Clanrolla Drumnahunshin Malladry
Aghory Clare Drumnakelly Malladry
Altaturk Cloghan Drumnamether Marlacoo Beg
Annaboe Cloghan Drumnascamph Marlacoo More
Annagh Cloghoge Drumnasoo (Portadown) Mavemacullen
Annagora Clonamola Drumnasoo (Richhill) Maynooth
Annahugh Clonmartin Drumorgan Monbrief
Annakeeraq Clonroot Drumsavage Monclone
Annareagh Clounagh Drumshallan Money
Artabrackagh Coharra Dunnevan Moodoge
Aughlish Coolnacran Edenderry (Banbridge) Moyallan
Ballinacor Coolyhill Edenderry (Portadown) Moyrafferty
Ballintaggart Corbracky Edenderry (Scarva) Moyrourkan
Ballnahinch Corcrain Edenknappagh Mullaghbane
Ballnamony Corcreeny Farra Mullaghbrack (Gilford)
Ballyanny Corcreevy Foy Beg Mullaghbrack (Markethill)
Ballybreagh Corcullentragh Beg Foy More Mullaghglass
Ballydonaghy Corcullentragh More Garvagh Mullahead
Ballyfordin Cordrain Garvaghy Mullalelish
Ballygargan Corglass Glenloughan Mullaletragh
Ballygougan Cornalack Grange Mullaletragh
Ballygroobany Cornamucklagh Grange Lower Mullanasvilla
Ballyhagan Cornascriebe Hacknahay (Detached) Mullantur
Ballyhannon Cornreany Hacknahay (Main) Mullavilly
Ballykeel Corry Hamiltonsbawn Mullurg
Ballykelly Creenagh Johnstown Ratarnet
Ballyknock Crewcat Kernan (Banbridge) Rathdrumgran
Ballyleny Crossmacahilly Kernan (Gilford) Richhill
Ballylisk Cushenny Kernan (Portadown) Richmount
Ballyloughan Demense Killicomaine Rockmacreany
Ballymacrandal Derryallen Killyruddan Rocks
Ballymakeown Derryanvil Kilmacanty Roughan
Ballymore Derrycory Kilmore Scarva
Ballynagarrick Derryhale Kilmoriarty Seagoe Lower
Ballynagowan Derrykeevan Kilpike Seagoe Upper
Ballynamony Derrykerran Kilvergan Selshion
Ballynery Derrylettiff Kincon Shaneglish
Ballynewry Derryloughan Kingarve Shankill
Ballyoran Derryraine Knock Shewis
Ballyreagh Derryvane Knock Taghnevan
Ballysheil Beg Derryvore Knockagore Tamnaficarbet
Ballysheil More Diviny Knockashane Tamnafiglassan
Ballytrue Drumachee Knockmenagh Tamnaghmore
Ballytyrone Drumagloy Knocknamuckly Tamnavelton
Ballyvally Drumaleg Legacorry Tannaghmore (Markethill)
Ballyvarley Drumalis Legaghory Tannaghmore South
Ballyvarley Drumaran Legananny Tannaghmore West
Ballywilly Drumard (Main) Leganny Tarsan
Ballyworkan Drumard (Primate) Legavilly Tavanagh
Balteagh Drumbeecross Lenaderg Teemore
Battlehill Drumcree Lenalea Terryhoogan
Bleary Drumennis Levaghery Timakell
Bocombra Drumfergus Lisagade Tirsogue
Bovennett Drumgask Lisamintry Toberhewny
Brackagh Drumgoose Lisavague Tullygally
Breagh Drumgor Lisbane Tullygarden
Breagh Drumharriff Liskyborough Tullygarden
Cabra Drumiller (Aghaderg) Lisnabrague Tullyhugh
Cabragh Drumiller (Tullylish) Lisnafiffy (Seapatrick) Tullylish
Cannagola Beg Druminallyduff Lisnafiffy (Tullylish) Tullymacann
Cannagola More Druminargal Lisnisky Tullymore
Cargans Druminure Lissheffield Tullyrain
Cargans Drummenagh Loughans Unshinagh (Laurelvale)
Carn Drumnacanvy Lurgan Unshinagh (Portadown)
Carrowmoney Drumnagally Lurgancot  
Caskum Drumnaghlontagh Lylo  

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