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John Joshua Walpole
12d 2mo 1825 - Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - [ s2561 ]
Probably Australia
Born 10d 4mo 1795 - Died 14d 4mo 1839
Born About 1795 - Died 16d 12mo 1840
Abt 1859 - Australia
 Child 1
Born About 1860 -
Ancestral View
He married and went to Australia.
John Joshua's first voyage was to China from which they have returned after having (been) 10 or 11 months away - John Joshua wrote on his arrival from London to Thomas in quite good spirits and seemed to quite like his new life. The next voyage we hear is to New South Wales. John Joshua is married and resides in Melbourne, [Australia] his wife is a Scottish woman, he had some position in the Custom house it seems.

Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details
John Joshua Walpole

Gender: Son
Date of Birth: 12d 2mo 1825
Place of Birth: Dublin
Parents: John & Elizabeth Walpole
Parents' Residence: Dublin
Description of Father:
Registration Meeting: Dublin Meeting, Volume 10, Page 200
[RFSS Sep 2012]
[ s2561 ] Birth Registration - Quaker Records Ireland - Birth of John Joshua Walpole to John and Elizabeth Walpole on 12 February 1825 in Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - The Religious Society of Friends, Dublin Meeting, Volume 10, Page 200 - BR1825-12-02-JJW
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