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Jean Virginia Sinton
20 March 1915 - Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America - [ s1084 ]
28 January 1978 - Von Ormy, Bexar County, Texas, United States of America - [ s1084 ]
Born 12 August 1880 - Died 24 January 1964
Born 13 June 1882 - Died 18 November 1950
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Ancestral View
Illinois, Cook County Birth Certificates, 1878-1922
Name: Jean Virginia Sinton
Birth Date: 20 Mar 1915
Birthplace: Oak Park
Gender: Female
Race: White
Father's Name: Lynn Fox Sinton
Father's Birthplace: St Charles, Illinois
Father's Age: 34
Mother's Name: Henrietta Elizabeth Johnston
Mother's Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Mother's Age: 32
Film Number: 1288353
Digital Folder Number: 4298331
Image Number: 00487
Reference Number: 19565
[RFSS Jan 2011]

Border Crossings From Canada to United States, 1895-1956
Name: Jean Sinton
Arrival date: 25 Aug 1929
Arrival port: Montreal, Quebec, Ireland
Age: 14
Estimated birth year: 1915
Birth date: 20 Mar 1915
Birthplace: Oak Park, Illinois
Birth country: USA
Gender: Female
Departure port: Cobh, Ireland
Ship name: Ascania
Nara publication title: Manifests of Passengers Arriving in the St. Albans, VT, District through Canadian Pacific and Atlantic Ports, 1895-1954
Nara publication number: M1464
Nara roll number: 556
[RFSS May 2011]

Postcard image of Cunard Line RMS Ascania
RMS Ascania - Official Cunard Line Card
Built: 1923, Armstrong Whitworth, Newcastle. Yard No: 971
Funnels: 1
Masts: 2
Tonnage: 14,013 GRT
Dimensions: 164.1 x 19.9 m / 538 x 65.3 ft.
Engines: Geared turbines from builders.
Twin Screw; 8,500 SHP; 15 kn
Hull: Steel, 2 Decks and shelter deck, fcsle & bridge-425 ft.
Passengers: 500-Cabin Class, 1,200-3rd Class
Crew: 270

The last Mersey Bar lightship, similar to the one in the image, is currently located in Canning dock, next to the Albert dock Complex, Liverpool.
The Ascania was launched on December 20, 1923. During 1924 building was halted for several months because of excessive wage and material costs. She was completed on May 2, 1925 and made her maiden voyage from London-Southampton-Quebec-Montreal on May 22, 1925. In December 1934 the Ascania rescued the crew of the sinking steamer Unsworth in mid-Atlantic. On August 24, 1939 she was fitted out as an armed merchant cruiser. During 1942 she served on Trooping duties. In 1943 she was refitted as an Infantry Landing ship. In 1944 she was reverted back to trooping. On December 20, 1947 she made her first post-war voyage from Liverpool to Halifax. In 1949 the Ascania was overhauled and refitted. Her new tonnage was listed at 14,440 GRT, and her passenger accommodation was changed to 198-1st Class, 498-Tourist Class. On April 21, 1950 she went back on the Liverpool to Montreal service. In December 1956 she was sold for scrap. On January 1, 1957 the Ascania arrived at Newport, Mon and broken up by J. Cashmore.
[RFSS May 2011]

Aged 15 in 1930 US Census.
[JHJ Feb 2009]

United States Social Security Death Index
Given Name: Jean
Surname: Ward
Birth Date: 20 Mar 1915
State: New York
Last Place of Residence: Von Ormy, Bexar, Texas
Previous Residence Postal Code: 78073
Social Security Number: 085-03-6133
Death Date: 28 Jan 1978
Age: 63

Her father lived in Von Ormy for the last fourteen years of his life. Was he living with Jean?
[RFSS Feb 2009]
[ s1084 ] Social Security Death Index - United States of America - SS#: 085-03-6133
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