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Thomas Walpole
24d 4mo 1827 - Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - [ s2559 ]
Born 10d 4mo 1795 - Died 14d 4mo 1839
Born About 1795 - Died 16d 12mo 1840
Born 4d 9mo 1829 -
9 August 1849 - St Andrew's Parish, Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - [ s1910 ]
 Child 1
Born 11d 3mo 1854 -
Ancestral View
Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details
Name: Thomas Walpole
Gender: Son
Date of Birth: 24d 4mo 1827
Place of Birth: Dublin
Parents: John & Elizabeth Walpole
Parents' Residence: Dublin
Description of Father:
Registration Meeting: Dublin Meeting, Volume 10, Page 250
[RFSS Sep 2012]

Quaker Records Ireland - Removal Details
Name: Thomas Walpole
Certificate Date: 16th 1st mo. 1849
From: Dublin Monthly Meeting, Co. Dublin
To: Grange, Co. Tyrone
MM Record: Dublin Monthly Meeting, MM II, K10, No. 154
Dublin Monthly Meeting, MM II, K11, Page 62
Microfilm Reel 38 (Record book held in Lisburn)
Removed to Dungannon in the compass of Grange Monthly Meeting.
[RFSS Sep 2014]

In the Autumn of 1854, Thomas, his wife and two children emigrated to Australia where John Joshua and his wife were. Her father was called "of the Square, Dungannon". Thomas Walpole is living with us... ; "I hear Thomas Walpole got married to Charlotte Greer's eldest daughter, ...a nice little girl about 19... he 22..." ... Lydia her other daughter who married my cousin Thomas Walpole gone last autumn with husband and 2 children to Australia... Charlotte Greer (NOT Walpole)(sister of Lydia), born 28 June 1832; married 25 June 1850 Dr. George Frederick Wales of Belfast. See Burke; pg 505..
Ireland Marriages
Groom's Name: Thomas Walpole
Bride's Name: Lydia Clibborn Greer
Marriage Date: 9 Aug 1849
Marriage Place: St Andrew-217,Dublin,Dublin,Ireland
Groom's Father's Name: John Walpole
Bride's Father's Name: Thomas Greer
Registration District: Dublin South
Volume Number: 5
Page Number: 217
[RFSS Aug 2011]
[ s2559 ] Birth Registration - Quaker Records Ireland - Birth of Thomas Walpole to John and Elizabeth Walpole on 24 April 1827 in Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - The Religious Society of Friends, Dublin Meeting, Volume 10, Page 250 - BR1827-24-04-TW
[ s1910 ] Marriage Registration - Ireland Marriages - Marriage of Thomas Walpole and Lydia Clibborn Greer on 9 August 1849 in St Andrew's Parish, Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - Registration District: Dublin South, Volume Number: 5, Page Number: 217 - MR1849-09-08-TW-LCG
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